About us

Blackjack Ranch is located in Lee County, Texas on the crossing of HWY 21 and HWY 77 about 55 miles East of Austin, 90 miles West of Houston, and 180 South of Dallas.

Ranch History

Blackjack Ranch promotes Venison and Velvet products. The ranch, bought in May 1996, has been transformed to a Red Deer farm by the enthusiastic management of Marida Favia del Core Borromeo with the enclosing of 100 acres of high fences and with the first purchase of 100 pregnant hinds, few breeding stags, and the main sire, Maximilian. Another 50 yearling hinds and 67 yearling stags joined the herd the following March. Today, the cervid population at Blackjack Ranch counts 300 Red Deer, coming from selected genetics. Red Deer bloodlines include English Park, German, and New Zealand.

Velvet benefits have been known to humanity for thousands of years. To-day, modern Western scientists are studying closely the effects of velvet against arthritis, osteoporosis, and its benefits for faster healing and stress recovery. Russian Olympic athletes have been on velvet for the last 20 years. Velvet is good both for people and pets. See more detailed information on our Velvet Capsules section. Venison is known as the healthy red meat. Low in fat and cholesterol, it is high in protein and extraordinarily tasty. Lacking totally of that game tasty flavor, it makes excellent entrees and appetizers. Expect excellent stakes, roasts, hamburger patties, chili, and sausages, jerky, and snack sticks.

We at Blackjack Ranch embraced with enthusiasm the farming of Red Deer. In fact, anybody can appreciate the beauty of these wonderful herbivores that have been for centuries the property of European aristocracies and the pride of world-wide hunters. We are excited to introduce you to this amazing business by providing consultation, excellent genetics, and products. Visits are most welcome at any time by appointment.