Cattle, Hay, and Sprigs

Blackjack Ranch also features about 150 heads of quality commercial cattle. The ranch also leases its remaining pasture for about 700 yearling calves when the climatological conditions allow it.

On the about 1300 acres of land it also produces Coastal Bermuda hay, Jigs, and now also the new and successful Tifton 85. On a five acre trial, Tifton 85 has produced 47 square bales after the first 3 weeks, 67 after 2 weeks, and 120 bales after fifteen days. The hay, which has been irrigated and fertilized, tested 21.9% and maintained the deer and elk during the drought.

If you are interested in Tifton and/or Jigs sprigs, or you would like to buy good quality, high protein hay, please call us here at BlackJack.