Our Red Deer

We at Blackjack Ranch believe in genetics to improve the breed of Red Deer and to pass along to you the benefits of our selection. Red Deer are noble animals that have been cherished during the centuries by European kings and nobles. Red Deer and Elk share a common ancestor that lived a million years ago in Northern Western China. A group of these early deer migrated toward Northern latitudes and higher altitudes. Their bodies grew larger and they became what we today call Elk. About 11,000 years ago they crossed the Straight of Bering and came to populate North America. Another group migrated towards Southern latitudes and lower altitudes, their body grew smaller and they became what we call today Red Deer. They populated Europe and Northern Africa. Red Deer and Elk gave origins of different subspecies, and both have dwarf versions, Red Deer in Malta and Elk in California. A Red Deer in the Urals is said to resemble closely to the common ancestor in China.

Original Genetics

Our main sire, Maximilian, won the First prize of the Adults category at the 1999 NADeFA hard Antler Competition, in San Antonio, Texas with 335 and 4/8 SCI points (30 points in width have been given to all participants). Our Max passed away last year, but one of his sons is now taking his place most probably as the future King of Blackjack Ranch. At three years-old, he was outstanding this year.

Maximilian won World Record in Trophy Records of The World (TGR) in "Incidental Acquisition" category. Max scored #3 in the 2001 TGR for the same category "incidental Acquisition". He also won the First Prize at the 1999 NADeFA Red Deer Hard Antler Competition.


Blackjack Ranch is proud to announce new lines of great genetics from the prestigious Peel Forest Genetics in New Zealand with the introduction of ten new stags, A. I. sons of Jamieson (27 points as a two year old), Major Peel (28 points as a two year old), and Nelson ( 3.92 Kg. or about 7.84 lb of velvet as a two year old). These stags fathered their first offspring at Blackjack Ranch in the Spring 2002. .



Jamieson at 4 Years old

Major Peel at 4 years old

Max Junior

Major Jack

Maine 308

White 201

Yellow 254


Various pictures of our great Stags.

Our hinds also represent a very good genetic pool. We believe that hinds are as important if not more so than the sire to produce premium off-springs. Our Red Deer are very easy to handle: they follow the truck to move from pasture to pasture like any other gentle livestock allowing the most inexperienced farmer to control them properly without troubles. They:

  • Are grazers, do well on Coastal Bermuda and do excellent on Tifton 85 or alfalfa,
  • Have a strong herd instinct,
  • Have a long productive life of 14 years with a conception rate of 90% to 100%
  • Are disease and parasite resistant
  • Tolerate extreme weather conditions.
  • Produce top quality velvet, trophies, and venison.

    At the Blackjack Ranch the Red Deer have been successfully worked through the cattle facility. Red Deer hinds and yearling stags have been able to pass through the cattle squeezing chute, while mature stags pass through the new Elk squeezing chute.

    Our prices are broken down by hinds - open or exposed; stags, depending on age and antler production. Prices will vary with genetics, age, and number of deer in the sale. For pricing information on Red Deer, please call us at (512) 253-0128.

    To see photos of Jamieson, Major Peel, and Nelson or to know more about these genetics, please visit www.deergenetics.com.